Announcement: Spring Reunion 2023 Schedule

Valley of Milwaukee Calendar of Events


The Valley of Milwaukee hosts the following cornerstone events:

  • Scottish Rite Degrees
  • Spring & Fall Reunions
  • The Feast of the Paschal Lamb
  • Rekindling of the Lights
Scottish Rite Degrees

We hold Scottish Rite Degrees at regular intervals during Valley Reunions. Please consult the calendar of events for more information. 

Spring & Fall Reunions

In 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry, a “Reunion” is a gathering most Valleys hold for members once or twice a year, typically in the Spring or Fall. At the Reunion, the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection, Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, or Consistory are conferred on a class of candidates. The reunion also provides the opportunity for social fellowship.

Scottish Rite Blog: A New Member’s Guide to Scottish Rite Reunions

The Feast of the Paschal Lamb

Often called the Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal or the Mystic Banquet, this special day is an invitation to our Scottish Rite brethren of the Rose Croix to break bread together in tribute of our fraternal ties to one another and gather for a solemn commemoration our brethren who have passed to the Celestial Lodge.

Scottish Rite Blog: The Feast of the Paschal Lamb

Rekindling of the Lights

More information coming soon!

Did You Know:

November is Scottish Rite Month

Each November, the Supreme Council strives to strengthen our bonds as Brothers by fostering positive conversations, sharing inspiring stories, and encouraging socialization.