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Sounds of the Centuries

Sounds of the Centuries

2 pm Sunday, October 16th
Incarnation Lutheran Church
3509 N 15th St, Milwaukee

A musical experience featuring a selection of Masonic composers through the ages performed on Incarnation Lutheran Church’s 90-year-old Moeller pipe or- gan by the Wisconsin Scottish Rite Valley’s master organist James R. Stoebe.

The Artist
James Stoebe is an accomplished organist with more than three decades at the console of the Incarnation Church Moeller pipe organ. He also performs in numerous special programs both here in Milwaukee and all throughout Wisconsin each year.
His Instrument
Incarnation’s 95-year-old Moeller pipe organ was originally designed in the late 1920’s with upgrades in the 1950’s.
Its voice, features 16-foot lower oc- taves. Traveling concert masters rate it one of the five best voiced instru- ments of its kind in this part of the country.

Performance of classic works spanning literally hundreds of years.

You will be treated to an his- torical background of each of the works of these great com- posers. Their mastery comes to life with a concert that is based in more than 100 hours of preparation and research.

Admission is a freewill offering
Light refreshments follow the program